Recovery Links

Here are some links that have been helpful in my recovery experience:

  • Rowboat and Marbles – Great insight about life as a Mormon addicted to sex and pornography. So grateful to its author for showing me there was hope when I had started to doubt it.
  • Sexaholics Anonymous – Indispensible for the recovering porn addict. Only works if you are ready to do whatever it takes.
  • SA Phone Meetings – Not as good as face to face meetings, but an important resource to know about.
  • SA Audio Files – Grateful to the fellow SA making these resources available to all.
  • General Conference Talks – So much wisdom here.
  • SA Lifeline – I haven’t utilized these resources a ton myself, but some people I respect have recommended them.
  • LDS ARP – I never found true recovery doing ARP alone. However, when I did get serious about recovery in SA, I found that I could benefit from attending my stake’s ARP meetings, and I’ve actually been one of the facilitators for the past few years.

I do not recommend:

  • Life Changing Services – Too many of the things I read on their website contradict some of the essential recovery elements that I understand. Their approach reminds me too much of my failed approach prior to finding recovery through SA. It’s too much of the “gird up your lions” and “try really hard” approach. I’m not against effort. Certainly, recovery as I know it requires willingness to go to any lengths. But even then, I know that I must admit powerlessness remain surrendered, a I don’t see that principle in LCS. What I do see is the worn out idea that I can stop if I really want to.