Sex and Fire

One of the talks today reminded me of the SA definition of lust. The speaker shared a story about a controlled burn conducted in the corner of a large city park in the midwest. The planners hoped to practice extinguishing brush fires on a small scale, so the fire was started, but unexpected high winds arose causing the fire to grow out of control. The flames eventually consumed the entire park and forced neighborhood evacuations and thousands of dollars of damage. The speaker explained how he teaches his kids that fire, if controlled, such as with carefully placed stones forming a fire pit, can be a wonderful and useful resource.

So it is with sex. Used appropriately, and within boundaries set by God: amazing, useful, wholesome, good, virtuous, essential, bonding. Used outside these boundaries: extremely dangerous and destructive.

Page 40 of the SA White Book defines lust as “an attitude demanding that a natural instinct serve unnatural desires.”

There’s nothing wrong with sex. My wife and I try to talk about it openly and honestly with our young children. We don’t want the subject to be taboo, bad, or off limits. We want them to feel comfortable talking about it, and to also understand very clearly the dangers of sex outside of the bounds established by God.

There is something wrong with lust – an attitude demanding that an instinct like sex be used to serve unnatural desires. The White Book goes on to explain, “When we try to use food or sex to reduce isolation, loneliness, insecurity, fear, tension, or to cover up our emotions, make us feel alive, help us escape, or satisfy our God hunger, we create an unnatural appetite that misuses and abuses the natural instinct.”

Sex and fire; both wonderful, both extremely dangerous.


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